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The Labour tradition and the politics of paradox    ("Gaffelbitar" - "fork-bites" assorted by Paul Biri)

By Maurice Glasman, Jonathan Rutherford, Marc Stears, Stuart White (eds)
To ask some fundamental questions about the condition of the U.K. and the predicament of Labour following its defeat in the May 2010,
four seminars were organised between October 2010 and April 2011.
Ed Miliband: ".. both the statists and the pro-market voices underplayed the importance of the aspects of our lives and our communities
that must be protected from the destructive effects of both markets and the unresponsive state. "
Maurice Glasman: "Labour's response to globalisation after 1992 was a move [?] from the Common Good to progressivism, from organisation to mobilisation,
from democracy to rights, from self-management to scientific management. "

Young Women Prefer Sanders to Clinton
and It Has Nothing to Do With Impressing the Boys

Blog: Feb 7, 2016 by Brian Hanley
Sanders a hit with Millennial women in USA Today Jan 14, 2016


The EU's 'techno party' is hollowing out democracy
30.11.11 @ 12:56
By Leigh Phillips
BRUSSELS - Not everybody's into techno music. Some folks are a little bit country; others a little bit rock and roll.
But under what one Brussels wag recently called the EU's 'techno-party' strategy - replacing elected representatives with technocrats and an end to consideration of fiscal policies by parliaments in favour of fiat by civil-servant 'experts' - nobody has any choice any more about what kind of music they want to listen to.
Economic policies will be decided for them, by the experts, by, if you will, those bangin' bureaucrat and banker DJs in Brussels and Frankfurt.

        Interview by Harald Schumann: Talking to Louka Katseli, Minister for Labour of Greece until 2011.
        Interview recorded in June 2014

EU leaders' strategies collide with voters in Greece and France
EU leaders' strategies collide with the wishes of voters in Greece and France.
The big winner in Greek elections, Syriza, a coalition of leftist radicals that came second, squarely blamed Merkel for the mess.
"European leaders and especially Merkel have to understand that austerity policies have suffered defeat," said its young leader, Alexis Tsipras.

Greek politicians fail to form coalition (The Guardian 11 May 2012)

The extremism of Greece's centre ground (The Guardian 12 May 2012)

Disgusting "achievement": A Greek Minister is slandering sick women

So Many Bribes, a Greek Official Can?t Recall Them All

The testimony by a deputy in the Defense Ministry, if accurate, illustrates how arms makers from Germany,
France, Sweden and Russia passed out payoffs to sell Greece weaponry that it could ill afford.
- Never before has an official opened such a wide window on the eye-popping system of payoffs at work inside a Greek government ministry

(The New York Times Feb 8 2014)

Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low

Poll in European Union's six biggest countries finds
Euroscepticism is soaring amid bailouts and spending cuts

  World news:   By Ian Traynor    in Guardian 24 April 2013

A Power Vacuum Is Choking the Euro Zone

"As problems mount in the euro zone, it?s increasingly evident that
we?ve been witnessing an institutional failure of monumental proportions.
Simply keeping Greece in the euro zone won?t help much, even if it?s possible."

  Economic View:  by TYLER COWEN    in New York Times May 26, 2012
Tyler Cowen is a professor of economics George Mason University, VA   

Eurokrisen som katastroffilm

The single currency has arrived at
a three-pronged fork in the road
by Larry Elliott

<, 15 April 2012. >
The Funniest Graph I've Ever Seen About Why the Euro Is Totally Doomed
by Derek Thompson
< The Atlantic Mobile May 7, 2012 >

Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone
the country?s foreign minister warned.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in Helsinki

< The Daily Telegraph, 16 Aug 2012. > < (alternative site) >

The Crisis of European Democracy

"[B]oth democracy and the chance of creating good policy are undermined
when ineffective and blatantly unjust policies are dictated by leaders."

Op-Ed by AMARTYA SEN    in New York Times May 23, 2012
Amartya Sen is a Nobel laureate and a professor of economics and philosophy at Harvard    (illustration by Daniel Stolle <*><**><***>)

World Economic Crisis: Latvia?s Neoliberal Madness
by Prof Michael Hudson and Prof. Jeffrey Sommers

(article in Global Research, February 15, 2010)

How billionaires destroy democracy

Wealthy Wall Streeters have rigged the economy and the government against the people. Here's how they did it

By Linda McQuaigand and Neil Brooks

Så sabbar låga löner ekonomin

23 mars, 2012 av Magnus åsblad

Den osäkra investeringen i dig själv

Modellen där staten garanterade medborgarnas trygghet har succesivt förändrats
21 januari 2012 i SvD / Göran Rosenberg

Boken som är värt att läsa.

"blow-by-blow account of the past nine years of Labour"

Remarks by the President Obama on Economic Mobility,

Nov 4, 2013 THEARC, Washington, D.C.
< a good speech, indeed * >

Rödfärg är kul.

<Engl> <Fi> <Sv> <Rödfärgspigmentet är en ändlig råvara>

Bullebilder i ungersk stil.

Om resan till Bosnien X/2011.

Ylva Biris historielärare Sture Lindholm (första 0-7min), och hon (7'35"- 12'25") berättar om studieresan till Bosnien.

Onko meillä malttia köyhtyä? < teksti >

Piecework and Medical Doctors?
fee-for-service tradition is critical light
<links to some good articles >

Ett nytt psykiatrisk sjukhus för hela Nylandet: 300 bäddpl.
-- Uusi psykiatrinen sairaala koko Uudellemaalle: 300 vuodep.

                <för Nylandet / Uudellemaalle >

Ett psykiatrisk sjukhus med 286 sängplats
-- Eräs psykiatrinen sairaala 286 vuodepaikkaa
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(metropol pop. 1,7 milj)
Det är en högt värderad universitetsklinik - <länk*linkki> - Se on hyvin arvostettu yliopistoklinikka    
<större bild/suurempi kuva>

'Hello World' PHP script language test

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